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dog Everyone - master and friend

When we entered Bree's “booth” - a spacious hall - the sleeping dog all the same jumped up and trotted to us, joyfully wagging its tail. She poked her wet nose in her palm, looked behind her and, not finding the suitcases, looked at us in surprise: "Are you for a short time?" Having fulfilled her duty, the welcoming hostess returned to the rug by the fireplace.

- People do not bore her with attention? I ask, sitting down next to Bree. She immediately willingly sets her big head up for affection.

“On the contrary, she’s bored without people,” says Alexey Vitkalov, deputy director of the Bristol Hotel and head of the Bronze Horse art center. “After two months of quarantine, she is insanely glad to human society.” Bree has been living here for almost 7 years, since the opening of the hotel. She grew up among people, objects of art and antiques. In such an environment, she simply did not have a chance to grow up ill-bred.

According to Alexei, the first reaction of hotel guests to the Dalmatian is not emotion, but usually fear. Many take Bree for a stuffed toy (and whoever thinks that the dog really lives in the hotel!), And when she suddenly jumps up, they get scared. But then everything goes according to the standard scheme: hugs and enthusiastic exclamations when the hostess herself decides to lead them to the door of the room.

- For her, all people are friends. She has a blurred concept of "master." To prevent the dog from being aggressive, you must not allow it to have a pet. The hotel has a lot of staff, and everyone can command it, and Bree will obey.

With a musician in an embrace

How does the day begin at the only business dog in Krasnodar? From the team “Let's go have a smoke!”. In the morning, Bree and Alexei go around their possessions and prepare for a new stream of guests.

- We often have famous people in love with Bree. For example, the popular actress Tatyana Vasilyeva . She is our regular guest. Once the organizers booked a room in another hotel. Arriving at the place, the actress did not unpack her bags. She caught a taxi and asked to take her to the hotel with a dog - Tatyana did not remember the name. The driver made several calls, found out the address and delivered Tatyana Vasilyev to Bree.

The famous actor Alexander Vasiliev every visit necessarily brings Dalmatian gifts. Here is the last time he gave her a glamorous buckle. But more than others, the Australian pianist Jackson Malein got close to Bree, who gave a concert in the Galitsky park last year.

- A very impressive person. Dressed as the hero of the film "Crocodile Dundee." In the afternoon he lay down on the rug in the hall, covered his head with a hat and dozed off. Bree sat at his side. So they spent time together.

And now - the zumba!

Bree does not follow the figure at all. And how can you keep track of when everyone strives to put a piece of cheese in her - her favorite treat. And sometimes guests deliberately run into the hotel to give Bree a present.

- Somehow, our guest got into a traffic jam in front of the hotel. She jumped out of the car, leaving her wound up and handed Bree a bundle of delicious food.

But gluttony sometimes leads Bree into unpleasant situations.

- Businessmen celebrated the fifth anniversary of the event company and brought a huge street grill. Bree is right there. She ate a kilogram of meat, and she was so swollen that she could not get up. Well, the vet is opposite. They took her for washing.

The hostess of the hotel is very selective in food. Aleksey tests bread on it: Dalmatian absorbs only high-quality, without "esh" and flavorings. If Bree spit out a loaf, you might not even read the composition. However, Bree's gourmet preferences did not stop her from enjoying rat poison. And twice.

- Once in our art center "Bronze Horse" rat started up. I set the trap and put the odorous bait with poison there. Poked there in the face of Bree, they say, is impossible. I go away on business and hear a click and whining. The fool smashed his face and swallowed the poison. Brie washed the stomach. She lay there the sad rest of the day, and the next day she swallowed two more traps. Back to the clinic. The doctor was in shock.

The interview is over, it's time to say goodbye to the hostess of the hotel. Alex advises to tell her "Zumba!" in the end and see what happens. Cautiously shouting "Zumba!" (I don’t know what to expect), and then Bree starts jumping, waving his ears. We are all laughing.

- We had cardio training, and the girls taught her to dance. Dancing did not help her lose weight, but she liked the word very much. Now this is her favorite team.

Bree is looking for friends

Bree loves making new friends. The format of the hotel does not allow checking in with pets, but the hostess is always happy to receive four-legged guests in the hotel courtyard and play with them.

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